translated from Spanish: Suzy Cortez, lying on the table, steals looks on Instagram

Suzy Cortez posts on Instagram a photograph in which she looks at the table, eating dessert cream, and with it steals looks from her fans. And it is that his pose and what he wears is what really turns on the net and drives his followers crazy. Suzy Cortez contends to make her posts seen by millions of followers around the world instantly. They are always on the lookout for every step you take, every pose you do and what you write on Instagram.

Nutella?” asks Suzy in the title of the provocative image, and her fans immediately answer, “I love you!”, “Good night, beautiful,” “A lot of beautiful and beautiful,” among other things.

The famous Brazilian model in days past also surprised to wear on Instagram a daring transparent baby doll that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. It allowed him to show off his well-turned curves and also that he has a body of ten. Suzy bristizes the skin of the knights with every post she makes on her social networks and this time she sported a baby doll in green that suits her very well and highlights her figure in its maximum splendor.
“Beautiful, Brazilian chocolate”, “You’re beautiful, Suzy!”, “Extraordinary…”, they write to Suzand her followers from all over the world, after watching her pose in baby doll.

Suzy Cortez achieved worldwide fame after triumphing in the Miss Bum Bum contest in 2015, and in another of his recent publications he became a beautiful angel to pose and show his sensuality.   The beauty of Suzy Cortez, who is originally from Brazil, has no limits. In each pose she always looks truly sensual and attractive, and in another of her images she poses in lingerie, profile, shows wings and becomes a seductive angel. 


Original source in Spanish

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