translated from Spanish: They detect a driver assembling a Rubik’s cube

Distractions at the wheel can end in deadly accidents, every moment counts. The attention to driving should be total. Among the most common are the use of cell phones and new technologies. Sometimes, however, reality outperforms fiction. As part of a driving distraction control campaign, the Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) discovered something unprecedented. From the surveillance cameras, a driver was driving while trying to solve a Rubik’s cube.
This action not only forces you to take your eyes off the route and remove both hands from the steering wheel, but also to put all the concentration on another task. In addition, the driver was accompanied by another person, who does not seem to care about his behavior. While it’s not common to see someone driving with a Rubik’s cube, it is common to see a driver using their cell phone while driving. According to the DGT, using the phone behind the wheel doubles the risk of an accident. Several studies conclude that talking on a cell phone while driving is comparable to alcoholized driving. It is calculated that, circulating at 120 km/h, writing and sending a whatsapp takes about 20 seconds, which means traveling about 600 meters without looking at the route. In this note:

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