translated from Spanish: Morenist majority refuses to replenish funds for safety, women and science in the 2021 PEF

With the vote of the Morenist majority, the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies rejected, one after the other, the reservations that opposition Members, but also members of their own bench, raised to amend articles of next year’s draft Budget on security, gender equality, children and science.
Members scheduled more than a thousand reservations and listed more than 200 speakers, mostly to try to reverse the cuts already profiled in the Federation Egress Budget (PEF) 2021.
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About 80 speakers walked through the rostrum without most agreeing to discuss their proposed amendments. As read, 400 reservations were discarded, according to information provided by legislative staff. Only one reserve ran hopefully and was accepted: from the moreerist deputy Irma Juan Carlos, to monitor the fate of resources in the field of indigenous peoples.
The Board of Directors, headed by the priista Dulce María Sauri, decreed a recess after 9 o’night and resumed the session on Thursday to finish dispatching the rest of the proposed amendments.
The plenary of San Lázaro rejected the proposals of the deputies of the PAN Victor Manuel Pérez Díaz and Fernando Macías Olvera and the deputy of MC Martha Gómez Maldonado that the allocation of resources to the Strengthening Program for Security (Fortaseg), which granted subsidies to municipalities to strengthen police forces, should not be eliminated.
“The disappearing Fortaseg is not an attack on municipalities, against governments and mayors, it is an attack on the safety of people, against public safety, amid the largest wave of violence that is recorded in this country,” said panista Macías Olvera.
“The administration of López Obrador has in 2 years 66 thousand intentional homicides, twice as many homicides in the same period of time as the six-year period of Enrique Peña Nieto, and three times as many intentional homicides in the same period of time as the six-year period of Felipe Calderón. Of that size is the government’s public safety incompetence. And how does Morena respond? How do your deputies respond? Removing public safety resources in the Budget.”
MC MEP Martha Tagle questioned that women are a priority for labour administration, because while resources for the cross-cutting of equality have increased each year, programmes do not result in reducing gender gaps.
“Although each year it exceeds its amount, there are currently significant reductions in key programs, and several have even disappeared that are paramount to narrowing inequality gaps. Such is the case with day care centers for the sons and daughters of working mothers, full-time schools, decreased sexual and reproductive health programs, among many others,” he noted.
Likewise, a reservation by the priista deputy, Oscar Jiménez Rayón, was rejected to add 4 billion pesos to the National System of Researchers (SNI), which would benefit the more than 33 thousand scientists attached.
“According to the General Education Act, the State must invest at least 8% of gross domestic education product, of which 1% should target scientific research and technological development by public higher education institutions,” he said.
“This goal has not been achieved. Investment in the sector suffers from a deficit that disadvantages it with the resources allocated to science in other countries. As a result of the elimination of the trusts (from the Conacyt), one in four researchers from the System was left out of the support network. This represents 23.8% of the national research and development community.”
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