translated from Spanish: They’re cutting off my freedom of speech: symphonic

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- The call that the governing body made to the trade union attorney Angelina Valenzuela Benites about what to refrain from giving statements regarding the investigations that are carried out within the unit, is an obvious coercion of freedom of expression. This was considered by the official herself who said that it is an incongruity that only she is asked not to speak, not investigate, investigate or other actions when there is suspicion of acts of corruption.

«They’re really cutting my right of expression, a lot of things come involved, but, well, we’ve never failed in anything they’ve done to us, we’ve fully fulfilled everything that the magistrate has asked us to do, everything in a timely manner.» It should be remembered that during yesterday’s Ordinary Session when the councilor Socorro Calderón Guillén issued a warning to Valenzuela Benites about getting to work in full adhereto to the guidelines or otherwise would ask for his termination of the State Congress.» He says to talk about certain things that I don’t have to talk about, Socorro Calderón talks that even with the petal of a rose I can not touch certain people, almost not breathing, that I did not turn, I am respectful and I will not talk about the subject because then we will take the ses Cabildo ions conminating until I have incidents and they have to dismiss me,» he said. In response, the Solicitor Ombudsman said that the building has no more powers to exert such pressure, including when questioning it because it does not behave so forcefully when it was also important but involving other officials, including Mayor Manuel Guillermo Chapman Moreno.» Things are taken from who they come from as is, the lady does not represent anything to me, I do not understand what you mean by not working, they as rulers would have to tell the municipality what they have done all this time and have not done it instead I if I have infor every one of my actions.» Complaint to the magistrate
As for the complaint that yesterday filed against Judge Victor Hugo Chávez and Cecilia Heredia Rodríguez, secretary of agreements, the two of the Regional Chamber of the Court of Administrative Justice, the civil servant explained that this she did so by considering that in repeatedly he has been the victim of obstruction in proceedings he carries out.» I did this because it’s not just an incident, I didn’t go with the first inscience, this is no longer a fluke, it’s already one obstruction after another, you could realize yesterday (Tuesday) it’s a very clear topic that I can’t touch I can’t say anything about it. I’ve seen how I’ve been hampered by all the issues we’ve presented.»

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