translated from Spanish: Union leader made alleged irregular contracts with Duarte: Notimex

The leader of the Autonomous Confederation of Workers and Employees of Mexico (CATEM), Pedro Miguel Haces Barba, allegedly made irregular contracts for about 500 million pesos with two former PRI governors currently in prison, according to a report Mexican state agency Notimex.
Javier Duarte Ochoa and Roberto Borge Angulo, from Veracruz and Quintana Roo, currently in prison, entered into million-dollar public contracts with the leader of catemAGE through the company Servicios Integrales de Seguridad Seguridad Limpieza y Mantenimiento S.A. de C.V., which uses «Seglim,» according to the agency.
Documents, according to Notimex, indicate that Haces Barba, alternate of the senator of Morena Germán Martínez, made four contracts with the Ministry of Health of Veracruz during the administration of Duarte Ochoa, for a total amount of 493 million 721 thousand 422 pesos.
Although the purpose of the agreement is the same: «Contracting the surrogate cleaning service to headquarters, health jurisdictions, hospitals and health centers of Veracruz», the contract amounts vary between 81 million 781 billion pesos and 168 million 173 43 pesos.
The first contract, Number 005, signed on April 10, 2015, was awarded directly «by exception of law» and is for a total of 81 million 781 thousand pesos.
The origin of the resource presents several items, including the Popular Insurance, from which 51 million 390 thousand 412 pesos came to pay the contract with the company of Haces Barba, which was agreed would have an effect from January 1 to April 30, 2015.
Who signs for the company «Seglim» of Haces Barba, is the legal representative of the same, Benjamin Fernando Grajales Jiménez, a retired bull bander illerism and personal friend of the union leader, who is a fan and businessman of the brava party.
The second contract is Number 082, signed on July 28, 2015, and although the object is the same as the first contract, it was allocated in national public tender, perhaps for the amount that doubles the first, which was awarded directly.
This second contract with the authorities of Veracruz is 159 million 809 thousand 395 pesos and again most of the resources come from the departure of The Popular Insurance.
From that party came 106 million 144 thousand 469 pesos to pay the company of Haces Barba. The contract was valid from May 1 to December 31, 2015.
The third contract is Number 021 and was allocated by direct award to the company «Seglim» of the union leader, amounting to 83 million 957 thousand 980 pesos. The service is valid from January 1 to April 30, 2016.
The fourth contract with the government of Duarte Ochoa is Number 041 and was allocated in a national public tender for a total of 168 million 173 thousand 43 pesos.
Although it was signed on May 6, its validity began with the date before the signing of the contract. The service was due from 1 May to 31 December 2016.
That is, it was assigned in a national public tender, but was signed five days after the date on which the winning company had to start its work.
As with the government of Duarte Ochoa, the Company of Beams Barba also has contracts with the former governor of Quintana Roo and «very questioned» direct assignments, Notimex noted, with the current government of Oaxaca.
Javier Duarte Ochoa was sentenced by a federal judge to nine years in prison after he pleaded guilty to money laundering and criminal association, and is noted for diverting millions of sums through a network of phantom companies.

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