translated from Spanish: So far 937 kilos of waste has been recycled in O’Higgins Park

Cardboard and glass top the list of waste that has been recycled in the first two days of celebration of Fiestas Patrias in O’Higgins Park, in the commune of Santiago.So far 937 kilos of material have been obtained; 521 on Tuesday 17 and 416 on Wednesday 18, representing an increase of 452 kilos compared to the 485 kilos accumulated at the start of the festivities of 2018.» The green seal we are once again giving to our celebration is being noticed. Recycling has worked very well, the anchorages have collaborated a lot and the public has gone in the same line, buying the reusable cups which has allowed to generate much less garbage,» said the mayor of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri.On Wednesday they were delivered 9,797 reusable cups, adding to 6,383 on Tuesday, total 16,180 units equivalent to the reduction of 784 kilos of garbage. On 18 September, some 60 thousand people arrived in O’Higgins Park, which, together with 30 thousand on Tuesday 17, total 90 thousand attendees in the first days of the celebrations. Alessandri noted that «the behaviour of the public in O’Higgins Park has been exemplary and security has worked as planned and no crimes of consideration have been recorded.» All information on ticket sales, schedules and full schedule is available at

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