translated from Spanish: Monckeberg said request for withdrawal of pension funds «unfounded»

«There are no two views in this,» the Labour Minister said, on the case of Professor Antofagastina, who called on the justice to allow her to withdraw funds from the AFP.

In statements from Emol, Labour Minister Nicolas Monckeberg referred to the case of the antofagastine professor who resorted to justice in order to withdraw her funds from the AFP, a case that is being reviewed by the Constitutional Court.
Monckeberg said that «I want to reaffirm that a dozen appeals have been presented equal to this and all have been declared inadmissible.»Read also: Case of an antofagastin teacher who asked to withdraw her planned savings will go to the Constitutional Court «Holding that it is unconstitutional a law that requires those resources to be used for pensions is unfounded, has no basis in the past, nor what will have in the future,» the secretary of state said. Monckeberg further noted that «there are no two views here, both the TC and the legal system and the courts of justice have defended the right to own those funds and this right of ownership ensures that those resources are used for pensions».

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