translated from Spanish: Andrés Chadwick and charge against Cubillos: «It lacks any legal basis»

The Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, referred to the accusation against Marcela Cubillos and called on the Chamber of Deputies to «reflect» and added that this mechanism should not be used to «make political assessments». The Secretary of Government stated that «different voices from the highly authoritative legal world of different sectors have pointed out and been very explicit in asserting that the constitutional accusation against the minister lacks any legal basis, and therefore consequently, that is the main thing and what the Chamber of Deputies must reflect on.» In addition, he insisted these costitucional accusations that «must be based on legal grounds established in the constitution.» They are not for political assessments,» Chadwick added. He also referred to the steps to take and added that it is time for us to «listen to legal defence, legal opinions and have the Chamber of Deputies do its job and reflect on this point so important and essential about the functioning of our institutions.» It should be remembered that at yesterday’s day, the Minister of Education, Marcela Cubillos, presented her reply regarding the constitutional accusation made by the members of the opposition.

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