translated from Spanish: The IMF director talked about Argentina, medical part of Messi, a cougar appeared in Miramar, Daniela passed out live on TV and more…

1. “You may have to wait,” said IMF director of the shift to Argentina

In an interview, David Lipton said that due to political uncertainty the relationship between the government and the Fund “will have to wait.” I kept reading here… In addition, the IMF confirmed Lagarde’s replacement, who will take the leadership of the multilateral body from 1 October and its process will take five years. I kept reading here… 2. Barcelona published Lionel Messi’s medical part with no recovery time

After his premature departure in the Catatan team’s victory over Villarreal, Argentine crack was subjected to studies and the injury and grade were found. I kept reading here… 3. Video: A cougar appeared at a campsite in Miramar

The animal was registered in the security chambers and the situation was noticed by the serene Camping of the Bonaerense Judicial Association of the seaside town. I kept reading here… 4. Do you experience violence or harassment at work? Five key tips when it comes to defending yourself

After the mistreatment that aired against broadcaster Claudia Vázquez by her boss Rodolfo Ridao, from Filo.News we spoke with two labor lawyers with a gender perspective to know how to act in cases of labor violence. I kept reading here… 5. Video: Singer Daniela fainted while giving a live note

The former member of Las Primas spoke with Jorge Rial in Intrusos about the end of his relationship with Javier Milei when he began to feel dizzy and collapsed. I kept reading here… 6. Is the violence in the movie Joker dangerous?

The premiere of “Guasón” brings some controversy, but also the opportunity of analysis on certain issues that today affect society, especially the American one. I kept reading here…

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