translated from Spanish: More than 10 CFE poles at risk of crashing on the road

Escuinapa.- The cyclone and hurricane season over the past two years has caused serious damage to the electricity grid that supplies the valley communities of this municipality and currently around ten poles threaten to fall, causing fear to drivers transiting the Escuinapa-Teacapán road.Nearly a year after Hurricane “Willa” hit escuinapenses lands on October 23, 2018, its powerful wind gusts led to the collapse of the vast majority of power poles found on the state road, causing a great mobilization of staff of the Federal Electricity Commission, who carried out a titanic work to resume the service of light in Teacapán, Cristo Rey, Palmito del Verde, Isla del Bosque, Colonia Morelos and Celaya.


On September 14strong winds, accompanied by rain generated again the collapse of 23 electric power poles on the Escuinapa-Teacapán highway, CFE staff attended the call and after strenuous work and after several hours restored service in valley communities. The tropical storm “Narda” also contributed to the affectation of the posteria on the road, this time there were only three poles that were knocked down by the wind gusts and the heavy rain of this natural phenomenon. After receiving the citizen complaint about the conditions in which the electricity network remains in the Escuinapa valley, EL DEBATE took a tour of the Escuinapa-Teacapán highway, to verify the damage recorded in the electricity grid, confirming that they are about ten poles which remain slate and threaten to fall, on the state’s rúbe. The first two side posts are located a few kilometers from the area known as La Estacada, four other concrete poles remain sideways passing the village of Isla del Bosque and Palmito, the other four are a few meters from the village of Cristo Rey.Francisco Robles, bus driver made the public call to the Federal Electricity Commission, to come to the municipality to perform the rehabilitation of these poles that can generate a tragedy, being slain and could fall to some vehicle that transits that rand.
The truth is that these poles are very dangerous, they can generate some accident with fatal results, so we call on the CFE, so that they do not make disrespect in their rehabilitation, since it may be more expensive if they leave them as they are, said Francisco Robles.

He added that the poles that have been rehabilitated since the passage of the hurricane “Willa”, do not have a solid base and are on sand, which does not allow the electric grid to have good foundations that allow to withstand the wind gusts that occur with the phenomena Natural.  In addition to the power poles, the poor condition of the road poses a great risk for drivers transiting this rua that has a lot of potholes, which have increased its depth with the rainy season.

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