translated from Spanish: Report the guy who feeds pigeons and then catchthem in the middle of the street

Mexico.- By means of social networks they report the subject that was captured on video by security cameras, who dares to feed some pigeons and then capture them with a kind of network.
The subject drops some seeds and when distracted the pigeons he goes to his car through the net, throws them at him and manages to capture most birds.
The events occurred at the GAM mayoralty in the Industrial Colony of Mexico City.
Users believe that it is important to protect this type of animals as they are the ones that beautify the squares and gardens of the municipalities.
The video was broadcast by twitter users, now they keep demanding protection for this creatures.

Thus this man attracted a group of pigeons in the Industrial Colony.
He threw bread at them, waited for them to come together to eat…
And he stole them!
If you see him, call @SSP_CDMX or @PGJDF_CDMX
— Carlos Jiménez (@c4jimenez) October 4, 2019

Users are asking the authorities to do something with these types of people because it’s not the first time they’ve been or checked that someone is capturing them.
Another video from a few months ago another subject is seen hunting pigeons, with the collaboration of another man, at the crossing of Izazaga and Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas, from the Historic Center in Mexico City.

At the crossroads of Izazaga and Eje Central Lázaro Cardenas, in the historic center, this pair of subjects are hunted to pigeons! Don’t you believe me? Keep an eye on him! Outrageous! @almohadazo @alertasurbanas @RuidoEnLaRed @RuidoEnLaRed @PrensaLyO @RuidoEnLaRed @ElInformanteMX
— Omar Patiño (@OMAR_PATINO) March 20, 2018

Original source in Spanish

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