translated from Spanish: Angelo Henríquez: «We must work on keeping focused»

Angelo Henríquez, striker of the University of Chile, referred on Tuesday to the possibility that Johnny Herrera will return to the blue draw title in the Championship, due to the irregularity of Fernando de Paul, and it was clear in pointing out that the deconcentrations have been the key to the collegiate cast not being higher up the board.
With seven dates to be left over for the end of the national tournament, the squad led by Hernán Caputto is in the relegation zone to the First B.
Asked for the option that Herrera plays the final stretch of the Championship, the battering ram that comes from scoring in the Superclassic was limited to saying that «he is always supporting us from the bench, and personally I feel that we have to learn from that affection that has the ‘U’ and those wanting to win every game. Tomorrow will not be Johnny and someone will have to show that same energy.»
Meanwhile, former Dinamo Zagreb outlined a self-criticism, noting that «every minute we deconcentrate, it costs us a lot and we have to work that. We have to work on keeping focused, because I feel like we’re fine when we’re playing, defending, but there are certain times when they’ve hurt us and we have to work on keeping focused.»
Regarding the struggle to retain the category, the 25-year-old battering ram stated that «we must not give up. You have to have an optimistic mindset, work to make everything go better. That’s what I do to deal with these difficult times. Personally, if I work better, I can help the team more,» he said.
«In the week we see that we work well, and the idea is to take it to the court. We must be convinced of what we are doing and have no doubt (…) We’re going to go out and keep the ball on the opposing field, try to score the chances we create, because we have to show a positive mindset and we’re going to do it yes or yes. I have no doubt that we are going to win the matches we have left,» he added.
Finally, Henríquez talked about what will be the closing of the key with Cobresal, for the quarter-finals of the Copa Chile. In the first leg, in El Salvador, the Nostys won 3-1.
«We turned the page, analyzed our mistakes, our strengths and now to think about Cobresal. It’s important to find motivation in other things, in turning a key that’s difficult in a tournament that gives us the opportunity to qualify for an international cup,» he said.

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