translated from Spanish: Probation government: «We are always going to convict DD’s rapists. HH.»

Minister Secretary-General of Government (Segegob), Cecilia Pérez, referred to Gendarmerie’s proposal for parole, which included DD convicts. Hh. Pérez said that «They know perfectly well what our thinking is in the government of President Sebastián Piñera on DD. Hh. at home and abroad. We deeply respect DDs. Hh. and we’re always going to convict DD rapists. Hh.». Government spokeswoman further said that, during Piñera’s first administration, regional ministerial secretaries of justice were excluded from tables reviewing probations and that, in this second term, a law «where it is difficult, that is, puts greater weight on the non-freedom of those convicted of serious crimes and crimes against humanity.» On the particular case, Minister Perez said that «what are the technical details, the foundations that are now being known to the TC, because there are appeals to those parolees, Gendarmerie will refer during the day».

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