translated from Spanish: Cañeros wins game with cause to Algodoneros

The Mochis, Sinaloa. Cañeros de Los Mochis defeated guasave’s Cottons in a 15-by-12 roundabout match in the last meeting of the LMP preseason.
Guasave started attacking from the first inning, when Latimore was tied with simple, came to the second in robbery and in bad pull of the box reached the third. Emanuel Avila arrived to fly to the garden and tow the first at Latimore’s feet in pisa and run. Cañeros responded in the second, when the Cuban Lorenzo Quintana hit the central twice and was towed by Josuan Hernández to match the cards. Arredondo continued the rally with double to send Hernandez to the register and turn the board and with tug toreling the third of Saúl Soto took off the Arredondo register to place the slate 3 by 1.  Algodoneros tied the board on the third, when they filled the bases with only an out and Olmo Rosario connected his second single to tow Myers and Latimore. Guasave took the lead 4 by 3, when Garzón was tied up with a single, came to second with wild pitch and in Jaime’s single and error of Leandro Castro scored career in the top of the fourth. In the same inning Myers received a ball and was towed to the register with Jaime in Latimore’s long double for the 6 for 3 in favor of the visit. Latimore scored one more in Arredondo’s mistake in Rosario’s hit and Arturo Rodríguez increased the lead with a two-run home run to place the score 9-3.
Josuan Hernández brought the greens closer to towing 2 stripes in the fifth with a double and Jesús Arredondo put them in 2 races when he hit a long home run, taking Hernandez ahead for the 9-7. Guasave added one more run in the sixth to 10 by 7, but Carlos Soto arrived in sixth with his first solo home run and then fell 2 more runs for Cañeros to tie the score to 10 runs.  Immediately in the seventh inning, Carlos Soto returned to explode with the lumber and hit his second 2-race flyfence to flip the 12-for-10 duel. Guasave did not lower his arms and in the last inning tied the match to 12 races, but in the ninth down the novena the Cañeros took the lead again and left the visitors in the field with 3-run home runs by Andrés Ayón to leave the final slate 15 by 12 .

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