translated from Spanish: Buenos Aires March in Support of Chile Protests

Buenos Aires.- Several hundred people demonstrated on Monday in Buenos Aires in solidarity with the protests in Chile in a march in front of the consulate of that country. To the cry of «resignation Piñera!», in reference to the Chilean representative, and with flags of the Andean country, the demonstrators repudiated the repression that already adds up to 11 dead in the protests that erupted last week in Chile.

«There is an incredible social crisis of years ago in which this government and previous governments have not met the social demands of the people who are basically health, education, pensions,» Paula González, a 28-year-old Chilean medical assistant Resident of Argentina.In Chile, a nightly curfew is on Monday for the third consecutive day due to the protests that began this month in upward rejection in the price of the subway ticket and which on Friday climbed to an unusual wave of violence.

Protesters. Source: AFP

President Sebastián Piñera condened the riots and on Sunday he considered his country to be «at war with a powerful enemy.» In Buenos Aires Juan José Merelos, a 26-year-old Chilean artist, declared himself outraged at the situation in his home country «because the Chilean government has always abused.»
They steal the rivers, the seas, they privatize everything, everything is privatized in Chile,» he complained.

On the banners carried by protesters in the Argentine capital, you could read «outside the military from the streets of Chile», or «Damn the soldier who points his gun at the people».

NOW ? Chileans in Buenos Aires and Argentine social movements manifest theself outside the Chilean Consulate. About 300 people have taken some of the arteries that reach the Casa Rosada. @T13 — James Gatica Matheson (@JamesGMatheson)
October 21, 2019

The march took place peacefully but ended with some incidents and runs with dumpsters and street wrecks through which police intervened. One cameraman resulted in a cut to the head and another journalist also suffered injuries and the theft of his equipment after being attacked by a small group, then dispersed by police.

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