translated from Spanish: Leonel Castillo built a whole school of legal thought

Morelia, Michoacán.- Retirement magistrate José Leonel Castillo González not only masterfully made his way in the field of the judiciary, but built, throughout his career, a school of legal thought for its verticality and consistency, in the dealing with the matters that he had to attend, with great care in respect for human rights, as reported by the Congress of Michoacán in a statement.
This was evident this morning during a meeting attended by prominent lawyers in the field of the judicial career, who agreed that through what came to be known as «Castillism», lines of conduct were established for the full respect for citizens’ rights.
During the meeting, fostered by local deputy Salvador Arvizu Cisneros, who would also have been the proponent of the figure of Castillo González as a recipienario of the Constitution of Apatzingán decoration, it was established that his career was characterized always for his humility and spirit of service.
On the eve of the award of the church in solemn session of the Congress of the State, to be held tomorrow in Apatzingán, the jurists commented as a remembrance, that Don José María Morelos, was also nicolaite and cemented his actions precisely in the liberal formation that he received within that institution, then led by Don Miguel Hidalgo.
For all the above, they ensured that this training received by José Leonel Castillo González, was the fundamental basis of his performance, after studying at the Faculty of Law of the Michoacana University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo.
They were present at the meeting: Dr. Susana Madrigal, Dr. Yolanda Camacho, Dr. Humberto Urquiza, Dr. Salvador Alejandro Pérez Contreras, Maestro Yánquel Benítez, Dr. Hill Arturo del Río, Judge Jaime Uriel Torres, Judge Froylán Muñoz, Dr. Marco Antonio Antonio Tinoco, Dr. Omero Valdovinos, Maestro Alberto Guzmán, Maestro Ricardo Oliveros, Mr. Andrea Navarro, Mr. Gamaliel Hurtado, Ms. Shiutlaltzin Carlock, wife of the award-winning and deputy Salvador Arvizu himself.

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