translated from Spanish: The Primor in Sinaloa THE DEBATE

Since the PRI and Morena benches agreed in the State Congress to allow the priist Gloria Himelda Félix to assume the presidency of the House, in the political class the possibility of a pact for the creation of the Primor began to be speculated in Sinaloa, heading for the 2021 election.However, signals from the State Government and from the top offices of the PRI indicate that there will be no such Primor, firstly because prismity would put as an insurmountable condition to put the candidate for governor , which would hardly be accessed by the Brunette dome.
Rather, the possibility of the resuscitation of THE PRIANRD is already visible, this is that we are already working in the sense of the line given by the national leadership of the PRI, PAN, PRD and even The Citizen Movement, to create a large opposition front throughout the country against the government of the Fourth Transformation. And the opposition is all played. In the priist dome there is a certainty that alone they would not win the elections, either in Sinaloa or the rest of the country, so that they seek alliances to survive, so as not to be razed just as in the July contend of last year, here they would try to attract their ranks to the Party Sinaloense.
Today the PAS is the most significant party, more than the PAN, at the outset, would have more than 200 thousand votes secured. It has long since become the hinge that can give the triumph to one or the other side in 2021, but there is also the antecheent that its leader, Hector Melesio Cuen, would demand to be him or one of his close ones the candidate for governor and that may truncate the possibility of a Covenant. The priistas and all the other parties, like the good players, wait patiently for the conditions in which they will arrive and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to make any decision. Simply put, the picture for 2021 is not yet cleared, but alliances are being built that will soon come to light. Potpourri. The president of El Fuerte, Nubia Ramos, yesterday toured Camp 35, one of the most marginalized communities in the municipality, and offered that next week she will return with 16 air conditioners for the secondary place, which has 16 that was created and has 300 to lumnos. Already Governor Quirino Ordaz installed an electrical substation for them, last year they paved one of the streets of the village and the City Council will rebuild the bathrooms. Blame. The one who let himself be from Guasave is the representative of the National Confederation of Lawyers, Ricardo Beltran, to give a press conference in which He holds President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accountable for the failure of the military operation to stop Ovidio Guzman and who provoked the shootings in Culiacan. By the way, nationally AMLO continues to defend its decision to abort the operation and release El Chapo Guzmán’s son, «to save lives». He says the days of the «imperial presidency and massacres» are over and that he will appear before the prosecution for the complaint against him against Marko Cortez of the PAN.

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