translated from Spanish: Minister Mañalich received harsh criticism by phrase over social mobilizations

This Thursday, the Health Committee of the Chamber of Deputies passed the bill that creates The Catastrophic Disease Insurance of Fonasa.
During the session, the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, questioned an indication entered by opposition deputies, which seeks to have people from the Fonasa A and B sections pay a zero co-payment.
In this regard, Mañalich noted in the committee that «the Executive does not see with good eyes, does not believe that this is admissible, regardless of that this same conversation is probably happening in many rooms of this honorable Chamber today,» according to Radio Cooperative.
In the same vein, he added that «we have made a proposal for indications. According to the conversation, we brought them. And I think it’s not appropriate for me to pass a march on the street to say let’s completely change this law and, in that context, I insist, the answer is that for us it is not possible to change this text.»
His statements were strongly criticized by opposition mPs, and also by the official senator, Manuel José Ossandón (RN).
Ossandón noted via Twitter «one of the three largest social mobilizations in Chile’s history, laden with rage and historical injustice, and a key minister says ‘it’s just a march’.»
In the same vein, he added «in which country he lives, open his eyes and go out on the street. No more, please. I respect for what they suffer most.»
For his part, Deputy Miguel Crispi (RD) argued that the Government made «no profound change to what they had proposed before the demonstrations. And to top it all off, Minister Mañalich tells us that ‘it’s not appropriate, because it’s a street march, change the project.'»
In the same vein, Giorgio Jakcson (RD) ruled that it «bores and is unworthy that outwards say the word dialogue 10 times per minute, but that they are not available to modify their projects.»

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