translated from Spanish: Pátzcuaro, ally in the prevention and eradication of violence against women: Candelaria Ochoa

Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.- For five years in Pátzcuaro no femicide has been recorded, the municipal president, Víctor Manuel Báez Ceja, pointed out as a central objective of his administration to bring down the violence of the genre to get Pátzcuaro out of the list of municipalities where the Gender Violence Alert was established in the entity. Having witnessed the National Commissioner to Prevent and Eradicate Violence against Women, Candelaria Ochoa Alvarez, the building signed a collaboration agreement with the transport sector to ensure the safety of women in public transport.
According to a press release, Candelaria Ochoa noted that it is precisely in the public space, first in transport and then on the street, where the highest number of assaults against women in Mexico are recorded, although the violence is reflected in different areas of daily life; in her second consecutive term of government, Báez Ceja indicated that it is a priority for her administration to promote women’s economic independence, as well as to address allegations generated by gender-based violence.
Pátzcuaro’s public transport will officially have from the signing of the agreement, drivers trained to provide special attention to women having a protocol of care to avoid any act violate the integrity of women.
In the framework of “Orange Day”, named after the World United Nations, the federal commissioner in the fight to eradicate gender-based violence in the country acknowledged the will that exists on the part of the edil Victor Manuel Báez, to modify the cultural patterns that built patriarchy and led to the sexist conduct of our society, in the perspective of achieving a more just and equal community where women’s rights are unreservedly respected.
During the event, he was also accompanied by the coordinator of the federal programs in Michoacán, Roberto Pantoja Arzola, as well as a group of representatives of the artisan women of Cuanajo and women members of the National Guard, attached to the region by Lorena Cortés Villaseñor, holder of the Integral Centre for Women’s Care, by Gretel Eunice Castorena Escalera, Citizen Counsel of the National Institute of Women and by Elvia Higuera Pérez, member of the National Institute of Transparency, is made the formal delivery of the first “Unida Blanca” belonging to the Municipal Public Security, which would be responsible for dealing with any aggression that may be registered in the municipality against women.
Seven out of ten women in Mexico suffer from some form of violence, whether physical, psychological, economic or otherwise, which makes it essential for men who become aware of this context to join in the protection of women, an action that assured Candelaria Ochoa, will be socially grateful.

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