translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Mon Laferte read letter dedicated to Chile during concert in tribute to José José

«Unfortunately, tonight we are not only accompanied by the joy of having coincided with the life of our honoree, but also the sadness that has been happening in my other homeland: Chile,» these were the words with which Mon Laferte commented what is happening in Chile in the midst of a concert in tribute to José José in Mexico. The national singer addressed her concern about the measures taken in recent days by Sebastián Piñera and demonstrated her rejection in the face of a massive audience. «Today, I’m sure you know, the government has implemented extreme and shameful measures such as the state of emergency, curfew and military on the street. I would like, here as chilanga and Chilean, but above all as one more person who inhabits where José José was so great, to express the greatest repudiation of the acts of repression performed by Sebastián Piñera», he continued. He added that it offers its «solidarity to all people who have spoken out against structural conditions that reproduce inequality and prevent everyone and all from living with well-being. In Chile and Mexico we need dialogue, justice, music and no more violence.» «In Chile and Mexico we need dialogue, justice, music and no more violence. The times of curfew, of the military on the street and repression have passed: «‘or that it was a day will not be’,» he concluded.

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