translated from Spanish: 99% of the bus fleet is operational and metro maintains partial operation

With 99% of the fleet of buses on a Sunday, Santiago’s public transport system, equivalent to 2,430 vehicles, together with the partial operation of Metro lines 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 began to operate.The bus service was strengthened with c on 135 machines for users of Alto Bridge, Florida, La Cisterna and Maipú to have greater alternatives to get to the available Metro stations. The routes are the usual and, in case of interruptions on the public road, detours will be implemented that will be reported during the day. To speed up bus flows, the Gran Avenida, Alameda-Providencia-Apoquindo, Independencia, Santa Rosa, Recoleta and Vicuña Mackenna axes will be kept exclusively for public transport, ensuring the transfer of people. Private vehicles may not use these arteries. SANTIAGO METROIn the meantime, the Metro began operating at 8:00 hrs. 40% of the stations in the operational network. Line 1 works between Birds and Los Dominicos with the Baquedano and The Heroes stations closed. In the latter, the combination between Line 1 and Line 2 remains available. Line 2 works between Sappers and La Cisterna. The 10 stations enabled are: La Cisterna, Lo Ovalle, El Llano, Rondizzoni, Parque O’Higgins, Santa Ana, Cal and Canto, Cerro Blanco, Einstein and Zapadores. The combination in Santa Ana station to Line 5 is not available. Line 3 is operational between Los Libertadores and Fernando Castillo Velasco with nine stations enabled: Los Libertadores, Vivaceta, Plaza Chacabuco, Cal and Canto, Universidad de Chile, Matta, Irarrázaval, Uñoa and Fernando Castillo Velasco.La Línea 5 remains between Vicente Valdés and Quinta Normal. The six open stations are: Quinta Normal, Bellas Artes, Irarrázaval, Carlos Valdovinos, Bellavista La Florida and Vicente Valdés. The combination in Santa Ana station to Line 2 is not available. Line 6 operates between Cerrillos and Los Leones with five stations enabled: Cerrillos, Lo Valledor, Auñoa, Inés de Suárez and Los Leones.As of this Monday, Line 4 will be partially enabled on the stretch between Tobalaba and Quilín, with 10 stations operational : Tobalaba, Christopher Columbus, Francisco Bilbao, Príncipe de Gales, Simón Bolívar, Plaza Egaña, Los Orientales, Grecia, Los Presidentes and Quilín.While the Metrotren Nos started operations at 8:00 hrs. with all available stations and the end of operations is scheduled at 19:00 hrs. Meanwhile, the Metrotrén Rancagua and Chillán began operating normally at 9:00 hrs. For its part, Metro de Valparaiso began operations at 8:00 hrs. The operation of rural buses operates as normal, although less frequently due to the lower demand of the weekend. In addition, the operation of 300 taxis that are operating as buses from Maipú.Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez Airport is operating normally and airlines keep departures scheduled.

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