translated from Spanish: They ask AMLO to naturalize Africans

Mexico City.- In the face of inhumane conditions in which African and Haitian migrants are found on the southern border of the country, the federal government should naturalize them and allow them to work, raised activist Wilner Metelus.The chairman of the Committee Citizen in defense of the Naturalized and Afro-Mexicans was interviewed at Palacio Nacional, where he said he had an audience with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“The reason for the meeting is about the situation of our African and Haitian migrant brothers who have been stranded for seven months on the southern border, many African brothers are imprisoned in the Migrant Station Century 21 (from Tapachula, Chiapas “”, remarked before the meeting.” What I will demand from the President, first, to give permanent residence to African, Haitian and other migrants to work in our country, and also for the immediate release of all The African Brothers who are at the Station Migratory 21st Century”. Metelus accused the eight African migrants who survived the shipwreck as they intended to leave by sea from Chiapas are still being detained in Tapachula.The activist also rejected the statements of the commissioner of the National Migration Institute Francisco Garduño, who said it didn’t matter if the migrants came from Mars, they were going to be deport. Although Garduño apologized, Metelus considered it insufficient, so he will ask the President for exemplary punishment.
He already made an apology, I do not accept his apology, (…) there must be something exemplary in his punishment; I think his statement is very affecting the image of López Obrador,” he said.

“I should leave office, I’m going to tell the president the truth.”

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