translated from Spanish: Young man gunned down in the Jarene colony of Lazarus Cardenas

Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán.- Through a statement it is reported that a young man was gunned down in the Jarene colony, located in this city of Lázaro Cardenas. According to some witnesses to the facts, the aggrieved man was chased by the occupants of a vehicle, who repeatedly shot him and wounded him to finally end it and flee with an unknown course.
The events occurred on the afternoon of Monday, October 28, at the Tzitzipandacuare Walker of the settlement mentioned above, in front of the entrance to the Mariano Michelena Primary School and behind the Morelia Clinic, a place that was cordoned off by the elements of Security to avoid contamination of possible signs.
He was identified by his loved ones as Juve C. Experts and investigative agents from the Crime Scene Specialized Unit were in charge of the evidence collection and conducted several interviews.
The site also arrived the National Guard and Navy personnel, who supported in the perimeter guard. So far the motive of the murder is unknown, but it is hoped that the investigation stakes carried out by the experts of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Lazaro Cardenas will be clarified.

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