translated from Spanish: Governments in other countries warn of risks of traveling to Chile amid social crisis

Several foreign governments, such as the Uk and the United States, have warned of the risk of traveling to Chile, amid the social crisis that is experiencing.
Last October 21, in the midst of the state of emergency, the U.S. State Department, within its four levels of alert that range from «exercise normal precautions» to «not traveling,» placed Chile on the second level, advising its citizens.» exercise an increased precaution.»
This week, when the state of emergency no longer applies, the UK issued a report stating that «after the civil unrest in Chile, you should expect to see a military presence in major cities. Large demonstrations are expected in Santiago and other cities.»
In this regard, they recommended «following the instructions and advice of local authorities, staying alert, monitoring local media for updates and avoiding protests and demonstrations,» along with considering that «all public transportation Santiago, including the Metro and buses, have very limited service at the moment (…) Banks, shopping malls and supermarkets are operating at reduced times or remain closed.»
Australia also did the same, calling for «a high degree of caution in Chile due to violent civil unrest» and to «pay attention to its personal safety at all times and monitor the media for potential new security risks or protection,» La Tercera said.
Canada noted that «there have been violent incidents, including arson, rants and clashes between protesters and security forces,» however, noting that «the government lifted the state of emergency» and «the situation has improved since then. Some businesses, schools and banks have resumed operations. Public transport is partially operational.»
Switzerland also informed its citizens that in Chile «many cases of arson have been reported: in the center of Santiago, protesters caused serious property damage in a hotel. Other events of this type cannot be excluded. The riots caused several deaths and injuries.»
Germany also warned of the situation in Chile, noting that «more strikes and unrest can not be ruled out in Santiago and other major cities in the country, even after the state of emergency and the lifting of curfews.»

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