translated from Spanish: Rating the country punished by neo-liberal policy: AMLO insulated the

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that rating agencies “punishing” the country by the neoliberal policy that applied in the past 36 years, which was a resounding failure, especially in the last year, and although he made it clear that he respects their decisions said: “Let’s Rescue Pemex and CFE”, because it will no longer tolerate corruption as before.
Once the Standar and Poor’s adjusted the perspective of the qualification of Mexico, Lopez Obrador said the only thing I can reproach, respectfully, to rating agencies is that “during that time that had prevailed in Pemex and CFE corruption remained hockey sticks, rating with 10, with excellence… everything was MB (very well) at that time.”
“But we respect his decision and we can say with absolute certainty that we are going to rescue the CFE and Pemex, said the federal President in his morning press conference, where he said that”we have to pick up the”, despite the fact that last year”didn’t have anything to do with the Government”thanks for reading! Help us to continue with our work. How? You can now subscribe to political Animal on Facebook. With your monthly donation, you will receive special content. Find out how to subscribe here. Check our list of frequently asked questions here.

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