translated from Spanish: Man is shot dead in March 21 colony, Culiacan

Sinaloa.- Behind the military housing unit of the colony March 21 was found a man who presented gunshot wounds and torture footprints throughout his body. The executed man could not be recognized by any of the curious who came to see him or by the authorities. As a result it was reported that he wore blue sneakers, denim trousers, polo shirt and jacket, all in black.

About his appearance he was said to be of thin complexion, brunette complexion and padlock beard; and ranged from 30 to 35 years of age. Notice to the authorities
The find was made minutes before 8:00 a.m. on the banks of the drain that divides March 21 colony and Florida fractionation, which runs in the middle of Las Brisas Boulevard.People who reported observed that a man lying in the undergrowth was a man lying. As they approached they discovered that he was lifeless and had bleeding wounds.

The body was hidden in the undergrowth. Photo: The Debate

Neighbors who observed the body, without hesitation, called 911 and reported what they had just seen. At around 7:50 hours they were warned by radio to municipal police that in the sector of Las Brisas boulevard, almost on the corner with Campanillas street, they denounced the location of a lifeless person. When the items reached the point they confirmed the 911 call. Acting in accordance with protocols, the agents delimited the terrain and waited for the arrival of the experts. Fieldwork
The area was full of neighbors when prosecutors and investigators arrived to begin the review. Specialists entered the marked area where the victim was, who had gunshot wounds to the back and body blows. At the scene they placed a bloodied bandage slasher with which he was allegedly restrained after being killed. No identification was found in the sculpting of the deceased’s belongings. He was transferred to the amphitheatre, where he would be given the autopsy required by law.

Several people approached where the deceased had been found to see if it was any of the neighbors, but no one could give any information, as they said it was not from those directions.

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