translated from Spanish: Supreme Court spokesman: «It’s good to start a new Constitution process»

The spokesman for the Supreme Court, Lamberto Cisternas, referred again in an interview with Cooperativa to the need for the country to move forward in the process of having a new Constitution. «What I expressed in the interview with CNN was a strictly personal opinion,» he said. However, he insisted that «I maintain it, in the same terms as I pointed it out. It seems to me that at the moment, with the citizen’s request that exists, it is good to start a process of a new Constitution, by any means that can be found.» In this sense, he replied that «it must be the result of a consensus, we must seek a consensus among political parties, trade unions, business organizations, of all kinds».» The agenda proposed by the President of the Republic is precisely the reason for the clamor of the street and that same cry makes me think that it is necessary to embark on constitutional reform or a new Constitution,» he replied, ensuring that «Mr. Mr President, he said today that he is not closing in any way.» With that, he insisted that «it’s a bit of a long process and that’s why I think if you want to collect the citizen opinion, which seems majority, it could start quickly to finish as soon as possible,» he concluded.

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