translated from Spanish: Fires of «never-before-recorded proportions» hit Brazil

The state governorate Mato Grosso do Sul called the situation of fires of «never before recorded proportions» «critical». Paulo Barbosa de Souza, coordinator of the National Risk Management Center, noted after flying over the area «Fire in the region is impressive; affects more than 50,000 hectares and creates logistical difficulties,» according to those published by a state governorate communiqué bordering Paraguay and Bolivia.While the Secretary of the State’s Environment, Jaime Verruck told the aFP medium that «Las Las dimensions are really alarming,» he said there is a «line of fire of more than 40 kilometers.» On the other hand, the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) provided satellite data showing that between January and October 2019 there were 8,479 heat sources in the Pantanal, the worst annual balance since 2007.From the Governorate also indicated that the fire «is spreading with the wind and dry vegetation (…). Intense flames and reddish smoke prevented traffic on the road again on Wednesday.» In addition to the gigantic fires, another environmental catastrophe currently suffered by Brazil is the appearance two months ago of oil stains of unknown origin along more than 2,000 kilometers of the northeast coast.

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