translated from Spanish: Michoacan mPs seek to eradicate fees in public schools

Morelia, Michoacán.- Urgent and obvious resolution was approved by the Plenary of the State Congress, I urge the holder of the Ministry of Education of the State of Michoacán, presented by the local deputy, Baltazar Gaona García, so that no fees are charged for the concept registration or cooperation to parents in the institution’s schools, as reported in a statement.
In his explanatory memorandum, the deputy emanating from the Labour Party (PT), stated that historically the Mexican education system has had complications and has been no exception in the modern history of the country, said that fortunately the latest impact suffered by the education system, with the education reform that was recently approved and promoted by the Federal Government, in which if education is guaranteed from the initial level to the top level.
«It is important that all public education institutions that are incorporated into the Secretariat in the State ensure free and cease the collection of «voluntary fees» for registration or re-enrollment to parents, as it is public domain in many public education campuses, enrollment fees are charged for students at the entry, upper and upper levels,» he added.
From the highest rostrum of the state, the Tystis member pointed out that the human right to education, which is contemplated in the Federal and Local Constitution, is clearly established as free, is currently being violated in Michoacán.
Gaona García added that there is a great need for the Secretary of Education, Undersecretaries and Directors that make up the internal structure of the state unit to monitor, monitor and ensure that no public education campus charges «fees registration, so that our girls, boys and young students, have guaranteed the right to education from the basic level to the top level for free.

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