translated from Spanish: Undersecretary Rodrigo Yañez will be the one who will have to put up face to explain to Washington and Beijing the determination to suspend the Apec summit in the country

It is time to take the accounts out, this after President Sebastián Piñera made one of his most complex decisions, the cancellation to carry out in Chile, both the summit of COP 25, and the Apec. and that in passing, they ended up with the design that sought to position him as a continental leader.
With regard to the latter, the detail of what has already already been invested is not yet known, but known is that we are not talking about lower costs, less, considering the context that the country is experiencing, and that it became the main factor that led the executive to take so drastic Measure.
Because of that, the Under-Secretary for International Economic Relations Rodrigo Yáñez will travel in the coming hours to Washington and Beijing to address and deliver the respective explanations of the cancellation of the APEC Summit in Chile. This considering that this is the first time that these Events that end an APEC year are removed from the calendar. The same sources recalled that not only has the public been cancelled, but also the private, by Jean Paul Luksic, through the APEC Business Leaders Summit.
It should be remembered that the Minister of the Environment, Carolina Schmidt, spent weeks circulating a saucer among the private sector to achieve more than $90 million in contributions to be used to build all the infrastructure that has already been armed in the former Cerrillos airport, and that so far is not known of its immediate future.
Another factor to consider is the costs associated with leasing Espacio Riesco, Casa Piedra, passages and rooms that had already been paid for by the 20 economies that would come to Chile. There was no 5 and 4 star hotel in Santiago without reservation for APEC and COP, so now the question is born who will return those moneys to people who had already prepared and who are not entitled to reimbursement?
At least within the Chancellery, it must have been the holder of the portfolio, Teodoro Ribera, who accompanied the undersecretaries of Foreign Affairs and International Economic Relations, Carolina Valdivia and Rodrigo Yañez, respectively, were who had to put their face to explain the determination of The Coin to the intern.
It was in the O’Higgins hall of the Carrera building that the staff were read a statement explaining that the presidential determination, considered that the Chancellery was no stranger to what the country was requesting, thanking the teams that they were working at Apec.

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