translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Joaquín Sabina: «Let Chile take the army out on the street at the first change, it terrifies me»

Joaquín Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat are in Argentina now, and will not perform in Chile as planned due to the social outburst that the country has experienced in recent weeks and that has disrupted most of the massive events that e were scheduled for these dates. But the musicians didn’t stay out of the situation because of this, and they referred to what’s going on in our country. According to the publication by the Clarín of Argentina, Sabina noted that «what happened cannot be compared to the ‘Pinochetazo’ (…) But it is true that Chile takes the army to the streets at the first change, and that surprises me and terrifies me.» The singer added that «We knew that Argentina is living through a difficult time, but that Chile, that country that they usually set as an example in Latin-Amércia of neoliberal democracy, has fallen into this tremendous burst, has surprised us greatly.» At that moment Serrat, in the midst of laughter, retorted: «You because you are an uninformed (laughs). What is true is that the movement has emerged from spontaneity, and not only in Chile, but in other parts of the world. Part of a fact that arises and then grew in the movement, thinking that everything started for the value of Metro’s ticket,» the Catalan supplemented. Regarding the future you see in Chile, Sabina commented that «at the outset Piñera has gone out to ask for forgiveness, which is unusual in the presidents», to which Serrat replied: «and to throw out eight ministers, I could also have done something else».

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