translated from Spanish: Bolsonaro: Lula “is momentarily free, but laden with guilt”

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stated on Saturday (09.11.2019) that Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva “is momentarily free, but burdened with guilt.”
Lula’s far-right leader and major antagonist in politics had only made some indirect comment about the release of the leftist politician, who spent 580 days in prison on corruption charges and was released on Friday.
“We started a new phase of recovery in Brazil a few months ago and that is not a quick process, although we move forward with facts. Don’t give ammunition to the scoundrel, who is momentarily free but guilt-laden,” Bolsonaro wrote on his Twitter account.
“Lovers of freedom and good are the majority. We can’t make mistakes. Without a north and a commando, even the best trooper becomes a side that fires in all directions, including against friends,” he added.
Lula was sentenced to eight years in prison for corruption, since April 2018, although he still had appeals pending.
However, the Brazilian Supreme Court decided on Thursday that a penalty can only be enforced once the possibility of appeal is completely exhausted and not after it is ratified at second instance, which was Lula’s case and the prevailing argument in the Judiciary.

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