translated from Spanish: Journalists engage in debate over coverage of demonstrations

A debate among journalists led to a talk among social media users on Friday afternoon. It all started when, through his Twitter account, the professional Sebastián Esnaola, wrote an opinion about the mass demonstration that brought together thousands of people in Plaza Italia and also in other parts of the country. “Thousands of people on the streets peacefully and for open TV is not relevant. Then don’t complain, ” he remarked. However, the comment did not go well among his co-workers, with Roberto Saa answering through the same platform. “I held you responsible,” he wrote, placing Esnaola. Also added to these questions was José Luis Repenning, who assured that his channel had broadcast what happened. “We just got away with it. I’m surprised Sebastian thought you were more serious and responsible. If you want to win the tweeter slack, do it with your own merits, not by straining your fellow professionals who do an honest professional job. You should know since we’ve known each other for years,” he said. Esnaola didn’t stay there and reworked that his comment “was at 6:12 when there was a TV series in Mega. Just like I told Roberto Saa, maybe it would be nice to discuss why people’s perception of TV coverage is so negative. But it’s a suggestion, nothing more,” he concluded.

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