translated from Spanish: Broad Front will not sign accusation against Cubillos: «We are not going to lend ourselves to crackers between the former New Majority and Chile Vamos»

While the Socialist Party bench confirmed the filing of the constitutional indictment against Mineduc’s minister, Marcela Cubillos, and added several opposition endorsements, on the Broad Front they decided to take calmly the subject and not sign the libel presentation.
This was pointed out today by the deputy of Convergence Social, Gonzalo Winter, after a meeting of the band of deputies of the bloc. «The decision we make today as a broad front bench is not to sign the indictment because we do not know the legal arguments that underpin the accusation. When the PS discloses them, we will make an informed decision, first not,» he said.
Winter added that «our opposition to the management of Minister Cubillos has been categorical, but we will not lend ourselves to political crackers between the former New Majority and Chile Vamos, because the priority is education».
This is allusion that on the Broad Front they focused on the opportunity of the presentation of this indictment, which occurs right ly amid the controversy between the PS and the Government following the accusations of the spokeswoman Minister Cecilia Pérez about the na collectivity.
It should be remembered that during the day, along with confirming the filing of the indictment against Cubillos, the PS gained explicit support from the Party for Democracy (DPP) while DC bench chief Gabriel Ascencio asked for the document to make a decision.
According to Ascencio, «several DC Members are now much more inclined to support this accusation and we have asked that the text for review be sent to us as soon as possible», especially following the sayings of the spokeswoman.

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