translated from Spanish: Marcela Vacarezza, Baradit and other personalities support Daniel Stingo after being removed from Good Morning to All

During the day yesterday lawyer Daniel Stingo communicated through his official Twitter account that he was disassociated from the morning of TVN since from the channel they would have considered that their presence “did not contribute to the morning model they have in mind”. The reactions were not expected, and the message has already been shared more than 15 thousand times and there have been several messages of support for the now ex-panelist. Daniel Stingo had specifically stated in his message that “For everyone who has asked me, I tell them that I finally left TVN. In canal decided to finish my participation in The Good Dias to All. They felt that my presence did not contribute to the morning model they have in mind.” In the face of this actress Catherine Mazoyer replied “Noooooo! You are tremendous and your participation impeccable, courageous and admirable.” For his side Marcela Vacarezza wrote to him , “All my support for you. You know I’m very fond of you??” The recactided cartoonist “Guillo” went further and told Stingo that “You must be proud to be out of your way out. You came out, but you entered people’s love and heart. Hug.” Journalist Rafael Cavada replied that “It is not you who loses my friend. Hug” and writer Jorge Baradit replied “Strength and affection, Daniel. These are very unfair days.” Even from the political world they lamented the measure, social convergence deputy Diego Ibañez wrote on his Twitter account, replicating the lawyer’s message, that “A morning model that could educate and open closed debates for society, but who prefers to shut the mouth of the one who asks the right questions. A hug to @danielstingo”Ultimately the thousands of samples of support that the message accumulates so far mostly lament the departure of the space lawyer and some have even come to accuse a political bias in the channel’s decision, since the professional had a critical look at the current social context and support ing popular demands.

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