translated from Spanish: Andean Waters Announced Tariff Reduction in 2020-2025

The tariff fixing process for Aguas Andrinas ended in a decline during the period 2020-2025, as the tariff level agreed at the rate agreed at December 31, 2018 (reference date set out in the Tariff Bases set by SiSS) amounts to a Total Net Long-Term Cost (CTLPN) of $397,058 million, representing a 3% decline versus the agreed rates in 2010-2015.These are applicable in drinking water supply services and also for collection and disposal of sewage. Public Works Minister Alfredo Moreno explained that this will mean a 1% drop in the cost of drinking water tickets starting next year, which would benefit a total of two million customers. For its part, through a statement, Aguas Andinas explained that “the result of this seventh tariff process 2020-2025, which imposes a reduction of the rate of drinking water and treatment of wastewater by -3%, presents us with a new scenario of greater difficulty in driving the initiatives that we consider essential in the health of Chile from Aguas Andinas.” In this new tariff framework, the implementation of various investments that will progressively increase the capital’s autonomy from 34 to 48 hours, and new key works to address drought and change climate change,” they concluded.

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