translated from Spanish: Carabineros procedures ended with arrests for sorceries and fires in the center of the capital

The general of Carabineros, Esteban Díaz, referred to the procedures that have been carried out in recent hours, where he dealt with the cases of those who have been arrested for various acts. “Across the country, it had more than 520 detainees, but I want to highlight 16 of them, because they correspond to the investigative actions that we have been carrying out since the first minute that began to occur these very regrettable events some of them, which culminated with fire, destruction and rants,” he explained. In doing so, he stated that five of these people are “directly linked to actions of Molotov bombs against Carabineros personnel, as are three of them located and there are elements that allow us to link them to the actions that ended with the destruction, the fire of the Gaucha estate, the construction of the module of the University of Chile and the Asturias Hotel”. On the other hand, one person is also detained for the throwing of blunt objects to Carabineros in the vicinity of Plaza Italia, in addition to two others for threats and the burning of a bus. In this regard, prosecutor Manuel Guerra added that detainees from Molotov bombs will go through detention control during the afternoon. In doing so, he stated that 9 people were also arrested for looting in Maipú and San Joaquin. In addition to the fact that this morning 5 houses were raided in San Joaquín, San Ramón and Pudahuel, where the stolen species were seized in similar circumstances. For his part, the Metropolitan Mayor, Felipe Guevara, insisted that “all the rigour of the law” should be applied.

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