translated from Spanish: “I wanted to be affectionate”: members of the FA reject parliamentary RN by the women’s day gift

the Member of the broad front (FA), Camila Rojas and Gael Yeomans, rejected a gift that your pair of national renewal (RN), Jorge Durán, made them because of the women’s day which takes place on Friday, March 8.
“This day is not a celebration,” Rojas said via his Twitter account. “Today @DuranDiputado left us this to every Member in the Hall of the @CamaraDiputados. With @GaelDiputada we gave him thanks but we come to tell you that this day is not a celebration.”
The rejection was qualified by the Member as a “snub”, who said that he only wanted to be “affectionate and attentive”. 
“I wanted to be affectionate, I wanted to be attentive, I wanted to make a gesture. If it was understood poorly, available to amend. I hope that my intention is received by the affection that motivated it”, explained the parliamentary.
“I’m not, and I’ve never been superb. I move by affects and why I’m in politics.  “My affection for those who accepted my gift and those who rejected it as my affection and respect”, added.
“I understand the sensitivity of implicit in the Act to tell me that it is not even so, celebration, by virtue of the historical genesis of the 8th day of March, believe that as important as the strict adherence to the historical sense, are acts of civic friendship”, was completed.

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