translated from Spanish: The six points of the equality agreement signed by AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed on Thursday the National Agreement for Equality between men and women, the result of 32 consultation forums held at the national level in which the needs of women were heard.
The agreement was signed by the representative at his morning conference in front of the Secretary of the Governorate, Olga Sanchéz Cordero, representatives of feminist and women groups from various parts of the country.
The six points that make up it are:
That the poorest and most discriminated women and girls are always at the heart of 4T and Mexico’s development.
That there is more formal work, better conditions and more rights for women.
Ensure greater well-being in the lives of women and girls, with education for all, respect, non-violence, peace and security.
Have families and workplaces share care jobs and women have more time of their own.
Better care for women’s health throughout their lives.
Working together for a new national culture based on values and principles of government: equal rights and opportunity for women and girls.

“The Signature of the #AcuerdoPorLaIgualdad, is born from the principles of the National Development Plan and is a sign of the transformative will of the @GobiernoMX and a new way of doing politics in our country that not only looks, but builds”: @nadgasman.
We open ?????? thread
— Inmujeres Mexico (@inmujeres) November 21, 2019

After signing the document, the president said his government “represents everyone (…) serves all social classes and economic sectors. Believers and non-believers and it is primarily aimed at giving preferential attention to the poorest,” and reiterated that “there will be no machismo” in their administration.
He was also happy “not for what is going to be done, but for what is already being done: to ensure equality between men and women.”
He added that equality in his government is proven in social and welfare programmes, in which there is a strong presence of the female sex. Such is the case of Sowing Life, which benefits about 70 thousand women or Young People Building the Future, in which almost 518 thousand women receive benefits.
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