translated from Spanish: Opposition agrees with the idea of lowering the voting age in the constituent process to 16

One of the points on which the texts sent by three opposition blocs (Frenta Broad, DC and PS-PPD-PR) would have coincided would be to reduce the age to 16 to vote throughout the constituent process – although not to be candidates for the convention. Other proposals that would be providing cross-cutting support within the opposition would be the representation of indigenous peoples, gender parity and compulsory voting. From the Broad Front they raised in particular:- Modify the system of integration of lists to give level playing a level to independent- Gender parity- Indigenous participation- Increase the size of the constitutional convention and that it is integrated by 310 delegates- Compulsory vote throughout the process- Vote from abroad- Participation of the majors 16 years in the electionary stages of the process – Institutionalization of basic social participation. On the other hand «Progressive Convergence» which brings together the PPD, the PS and the PR proposes several similar aspects such as:- Seats reserved for native peoples- Gender parity – The vote of Chileans abroad for choice of constituents – Age to vote in the constituent is reduced to 16 years – Compulsory voting in all electoral events of the process – The integration of independents – A constitutional program – Extending seats to double for greater participation (to 310)- Cabildos and assemblies. Christian Democracy, for its part, had greater differences with the previous blocs, and proposed:- Keeping the convention seats in 155 – Gender parity – Encouraging independents’ access to the convention – Participation of indigenous peoples – The vote of minors from the age of 16 and voting abroadRegarding the obvious differences in various points the d.C. national secretary, David Morales, stated that a joint proposal was not signed with the PPD, PS and the PR because «the situation today changed».

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