translated from Spanish: Starts exporting the first vegetables to the United States

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- The first cuts of pumpkin, greenening and other fresh seasonal legumes began in the region, which began to be sent for commercialization to the United States.Mars Vega Román, president of the Association of Farmers in the South Fort River said that even when it comes to the first shipments of the season, the start of harvests is always hopeful because of the impact this has on the regional economy and the generation of positive jobs among the inhabitants of the different rural communities of the northern part of the state.

He noted that according to the daily report issued by the Caades trocadero operating in Nogales, Sonora, from where the different products to the American Union are interned, the first perishables who are attending the border are: Italian squash and green strips and next week the picosos and cucumber pickles will be plucked.


On the progress of the planting programmes of the different vegetables in the region, the leader of the farmers commented that to date around 3 thousand hectares of 4 thousand or 4 thousand 500 hectares have been established that are set under normal conditions it’s in the valley.

Mars Vega Román, president of AARFS. Photo: THE DEBATE

Fortunately, the first shipments were being channeled with good price expectations in the markets, which I wish would be met because this is very important for producers, considering the high production costs of the different crops.


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