translated from Spanish: After HRW report, Senator Navarro prepares a claim against Piñera for crimes against humanity

Following the presentation of the Human Rights Watch report, which stated that, in Chile, state agents committed human rights violations, the senator of the Progressive party, Alejandro Navarro, called on the government to not to ignore the findings of this investigation and to take immediate action to address the deficiencies reported.
“If there was a shred of doubt around the world about the repeated violation of human rights in Chile, this report clears that doubt. I hope that President Sebastián Piñera who has been agile, loquacious and traveller in denouncing human rights violations in Latin America, will have the decency to take on this report, face it and establish measures to stop these violations, because the terrible thing about the report is not that permanent human rights violations have been committed, it is that today in Chile these violations are being committed at this minute,” said the chairman of the DD Commission. Hh. Senate.
In addition to this, Navarro reiterated that now, after this report is known, “the first consequence is that President Piñera is unable to preside over cop25 in Madrid, I do not see how he is going to leave Chile to preside over that instance, I do not see how he will be able to establish a dialogue , because what you’re going to have is a global rejection. I hope he doesn’t leave the country because no one will guarantee him to come back.”
Navarro also said he is preparing with his team of lawyers and the mothers of young people affected by vision loss, a claim against the Guardian for crimes against humanity.
“I want to remind you that when there were 45 young people with their eyeball popped out, the Medical College noted that it was an epidemic and General Rozas refused to take action. When 100 young people were on their sight, interior minister Gonzalo Blumel refused to take action. I therefore hope that this report which Chile has often endorsed will not be rejected by the President as it did with Amnesty International, even if it is not categorical in pointing out the systematic violation of human rights committed since the social outburst. Chile is in serious trouble and Piñera is also in serious trouble,” he concluded.

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