translated from Spanish: Movimiento Ciudadano explains why Javier Paredes Andrade’s resignation

Morelia, Michoacán.- Upon the resignation of Javier Paredes Andrade to the ranks of Movement Ciudadano, the Coordination of the State Operational Commission of Citizen Movement states the following:
The deputy Javier Paredes Andrade had time that he had moved away from this movement that took him to the State Congress as a deputy through the proportional representation route.
In Movimiento Ciudadano was called to countless meetings and meetings, not only to detail the political agenda of our project, but to vent other topics of interest of this political institute, almost always ignored and only in limited occasions he came to the call, and there was closure to dialogue and to continue the agenda that led him to the position he now occupies.
This estrangement put forward by the Member himself has been reflected in positions other than those which the Citizen Movement is flying, and that although many of his political positions were not shared, on the basis of our democratic conviction he was respected.
The opposing positions he had and which at the time called into question Citizen Movement, was the vote on taxes in the Economic Package of the State Budget of fiscal year 2019, the vote of the Attorney General; in addition to supporting a career, when in Movimiento Ciudadano one of its fundamental causes is the defense of the right to decide on their bodies of women. Not to mention that on several occasions he has accumulated noattendance in the Sessions of Congress, evading his responsibility to legislate.
For a time it was abetd that all these differences were vented through respectful and constructive dialogue; however, there was no echo in the Member, who refused countless times to recompose the path laid down by our project.
For this reason, and anticipating that the State Congress is in the state congress there are discussions of the utmost importance for Michoacán, and where the Member has made it clear that he has a defense more of his interests than of a citizen project, is that so as not to put into play or in question of a new question the ideological political project of Movement Ciudadano, is that it was asked to separate it, not as a measure of pressure, but in an act of congruence.
Movement Ciudadano is citizens’ and its causes, not particular interests.

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