translated from Spanish: Against the wall THE DEBATE

The ruling of the Electoral Court of the State of Sinaloa in which he is found guilty of political and gender-based violence against the symphonic solicitor Angelina Valenzuela Benites put the mayor of Ahome, Guillermo «Billy» Chapman, in a real problem. The resolution unanimously of the magistrates has Chapman in a dead end, although his collaborators want to minimize him, since, based on that judgment, the leaders of the civil organizations of Ahome agreed to file a new request for impeachment against the mayor. Even the local deputies of the Constitutional Points and Governance Commission were placed against the sword and the wall, because the case of the solicitor’s demeanor was contemplated in the request for political judgment that they had brought and who declared no From. Now, with the sentence, it seems that the conditions have changed against Chapman, because the case is no less. And in the State Congress there is the case of the purchase and sale of ambulances that some local mits detected that it was done irregularly, with overprice. Local Members are now expected to assess the case in their fair dimension once they have reached the new request for impeachment and do not give them automatic political protection.

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