translated from Spanish: COP25 Scientific Committee to Review Social Crisis and Climate Change in Nerd Nights

How environmental is this crisis? The social outburst shifts COP25 to Madrid at a time when the climate emergency threatens to exacerbate inequality and social unrest. Today it is urgent to incorporate within the social analysis, the impending crisis that is seen with global warming. We cannot think about our future without incorporating these variables on which our fate as a species will depend on on this planet. While COP25 is not performed here, it is urgent that its thematic lines if they permeate the current analysis. In the next Night Nerd will have the COP25 Scientific Committee newcomers from Madrid to present their diagnoses.
What is the Scientific Committee?
Since the climate emergency is anchored in the scientific reports that support it, the Scientific Committee was satisfied by responding to the call to coordinate the scientific community’s contributions to COP25.
Selflessly more than 700 Chilean researchers associated with related research centers, organized into 7 thematic tables. Two cross-sections: Adaptation and Mitigation. And five sectors: Water, Cities, Biodiversity, Oceans, Criosphere and Antarctica. Assuming that the properly organized national scientific community can contribute with proposals on the commitments we can achieve, and on the steps we can take to meet these objectives.
Tackling climate change is crucial
On the next Nerd Night in December, representatives of the seven tables of the COP25 Scientific Committee will be presented, together with the coordinator of the Committee, the cistatologist Maísa Rojas in a session where the results of the work carried out by each table will be presented aligning it with the current state of the country. Initially there will be brief thematic presentations and then give space for a colloquium between the attendees. As always in the tone that characterizes the Nerd Nights, close and informal.

Nerd Nights: COP25 Scientific Committee
Thursday, December 12 at 19:30 at Teatro iF, Av. Fco. Bilbao 465, Providence.
Info and
Street parking
Beers on behalf of the house. There will be a pizza kiosk and a café on site.

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