translated from Spanish: Four bodies found in clandestine graves in Ahome

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- Four men, whose bodies were located in clandestine graves located in Ahome by tracker groups, were handed over to their relatives by the Attorney General’s Office of Justicia.La delivery of the remains was recently carried out after get the results of the DNA tests that confirmed the identity of each of the victims.

The first of the bodies is Javier Isaul N, residing in Cohuibampo, who disappeared on February 2, 2019, and whose body was located on April 9 of this year on a site in Urbi Villa del Rey.Another of the victims was identified as Vidal B , who had his address in the ejido Mochis. He disappeared in August 2018. He was located in November of this year in the property known as El Guachapori, in the vicinity of the ejido Cobayme.Pablo Adrián S, who was missing since May 10, 2018 was also placed in a pit and delivered to his relatives. He was located on September 23 of this year buried in a property in the vicinity of El Bule.La fourth victim is Macario V, who was reported missing on May 2, 2014. He was found in November at the El Guachapori site in Cobayme, along with Vidal N.There are three other bodies that tested positive for DNA and will later be handed over to their relatives.

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