translated from Spanish: Rector of the University of Chile by term of subcontractors: «We are going to save more resources»

The rector of the University of Santiago de Chile (Usach), Juan Manuel Zolezzi, referred to the completion of the outsourced workers of the house of studies, and who will be incorporated as plant officials. In this sense, the academic authority, assured that this is not an increase in costs for the study houseAccording to Emol, Zolezzi added having «the feeling of duty fulfilled. It was the moment, the conditions were given and we will effectively start a process, which is not an immediate thing, with a group that can be hired directly by the university, as it meets the conditions imposed by the public administration,» he said. With this, he added, «there is also another group of workers who do not meet these conditions and that we will train, train and hire it on the same terms as others.» He added that «there are profits everywhere and the question one asks is why didn’t we do it before? The answer is that this is what these social movements are for, this thing that happened in the country led us to realize that we did not have a clear awareness of what was going on and today we reflected more deeply and looked more at the situation.» And as for the expenses, he argued that «we’re going to save a lot of resources on this, it’s not that we’re going to spend more resources, but we’re going to save more resources,» he said.

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