translated from Spanish: Opposition will seek support from RN and Evópoli by debate over inclusion of original peoples and gender parity in constituent process

Last Friday, the members who formed the technical table of the constituent process reported that they reached an agreement to advance the constitutional reform.
Among the agreements, it was established that the entry plebiscite will take place on 26 April and, if a constituent convention is chosen, it will consist of 155 members, and if mixed, it will have 172 participants. However, no agreement was reached on gender quota, participation of independents and indigenous peoples. And it is that the chile go parties still do not reach agreement on the debate over the inclusion of original peoples and gender parity in the constituent process, which is why the opposition will seek the support of Evópoli and National Renewal to add these mechanisms through legislative discussion.
According to radio consignment Biobío, the president of the Christian Democracy, Fuad Chaín, reaffirmed the commitment of his community and assured that they will «work hard» to ensure a joint convention for the new Constitution.
In his words was added the helmsman of the Socialist Party, Alvaro Elizalde, who told the radio the importance of developing a participatory constituent process.» We are going to stress the need to move forward on this issue because we believe it is essential that the constituent process is very participatory and that the constitutional convention expresses the diversity of the country. Make it a mirror of what Chile is,» he said.
It should be noted that UDI President Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe announced a new proposal for gender quotas and native peoples, which consists of «putting 40% of women or a man a woman, a man a woman.»
«This would insure at least 40 percent of women within the chosen ones, and eventually you could also put in a share of indigenous peoples or a national list of native peoples,» she said this week.

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