translated from Spanish: Matches have to be different

Political parties are made a real mess. They still fail to overcome the misfortune in which they were left behind by the 2018 election. They have not been restructured, they are disorganized and with deep internal divisions. They lost capacity for interlocution with their social groups. None of them are safe, not even the winning party. The serious thing is that the 2021 election is approaching, and it must be admitted that parties are indispensable institutions for democracy. Its deterioration undermines the development of society itself. It is not appropriate for anyone to have weakened parties, without credibility, without proposals and without political influence. This opens the door to the blackest authoritarianism. And this is the risk that the country has today. The scenario has changed. Traditionally strong parties, such as the PRI, PAN and PRD, have lost much of the vote and support of the electorate. Today there is a new dominant party, Brunette, but it finds itself unstructured, with serious fractures and immersed in heavy conflicts. This year 106 organizations applied for registration as a party. Maybe only three will make it. At the local level, the partisan situation is illustrative. In a report on 23 November, Massive Caller notes that, in Sinaloa, Morena has 35.2% acceptance, PRI 24.3%, PAN 8.5%, and PAS 4.9%. There is some stability, except in the case of Morena, because in the previous report, of 25 October, it had 41.1% acceptance. I mean, he’s going down. The real thing is that there is growing disenchantment with all political parties. The citizen looks at them with indifference, turns their backs on them. He knows they don’t provide solutions to his problems. A growing number of voters no longer feel represented by traditional or hegemonic political forces. That is why there is now greater reception towards new policy options. The parties that the citizen already knows stopped updating their proposals and their country or region project. Moreover, parties in power only choose to justify, at all costs, government actions, regardless of their impact on the population. They no longer defend the citizen interest, they now behave very institutionally. Plus, they’re no longer inclusive. That’s why political parties will be facing a very different scenario in 2021. Especially those who are anxious and do not respond to the demands that today presents the development of society. In this scenario, the new parties are facing the great possibility of growing. In Sinaloa, the Sinaloense Party, Citizen Movement and Progressive Social Networks will surely have very good numbers of votes. But they have to surprise the voter with excellent candidates, different from the rest, and who fly very concrete, viable and innovative proposals, to give Sinaloa a different course.

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