translated from Spanish: Morelia City Council begins restoration of historic building at the service of the P/E

Morelia, Michoacán.- The Government of Morelia will carry out the restoration of the historic building “Casa del Conde de Sierra Gorda” located on Avenida Madero Oriente No. 165 corner with Alvaro obregón street, he will continue to serve for the education the president highlighted the president municipal, Raúl Morón Orozco in leading this action, this work will have an investment of 1 million pesos and in this way will benefit 8 thousand 200 inhabitants directly.

Within the work to be carried out this preventive aiming; Withdrawal of flattened in bad condition; Injection of cracks in walls; Quarry Washing; Consolidation of flattening with lime mortars; Painting placement, with a deadline of execution of the actions of approximately 1 and a half years.
It was nearly 70 years when no government was interested in the lack of general maintenance of the property, said the head of Primary Education Supervision No.47, Horacio Alfaro Araujo, which led to the structural instability of the building. Currently it is necessary to establish procedures for the restoration and conservation of monuments of historical heritage character, this property represents one of the most emblematic sites in the first painting of the city, because this House form functions as Ministry of Public Education in the State of Michoacán.
The mayor, Raúl Morón, reiterated that this historic building represents a tourist attraction for visitors and locals of the municipality, considering that the historical works are loaded with cultural messages and traditions of the past that serve as a reference for conservation in the present and in the future, are considered as works of art for their colonial infrastructure.
This event was attended by the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco, the director general of the INAH Center, Marco Antonio Rodríguez Espinosa, the head of Primary Education Oversight No.47, Horacio Alfaro Araujo, the coordinator of the Historical Center, Gauri Ivette García Medina and the different representatives of the municipal cabinet.

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